Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cupcakes, Deviled Eggs, and Showers

A lot has taken place since my last update. We celebrated a busy 4th of July by going to 3 parties on the 3rd and attending the parade in Independence on the 4th. We had a great time making the rounds, but it was pretty warm so I spent most of the holiday weekend trying to stay cool!

We went back to the doctor on July 7th and not much had changed. Kate's still growing, she's got a good heartbeat, and she's still head down.

My fabulous sister-in-law, Gretchen, is getting married in October. So, on the 10th, we had a kitchen bridal shower for her. And, for this shower, I made 4 dozen cupcakes and 4 dozen deviled eggs! So I spent the day before in my kitchen, making a huge mess....but my canine vacuum cleaners are happy to report that the cupcakes were excellent! I was pretty pleased by how it all turned out and we had a great time at the shower.....Congrats Aunt GG and soon-to-be Uncle Chad!

This weekend was busy again with 2 baby showers for me and Kate! I had a wonderful time at both and Kate received some fabulous presents...we're very blessed to have such great family and friends who have already begun spoiling our child! Thanks to all of the hostesses for all that you did to make this weekend so special for us. And, as you can see from the pictures below, we now need a bigger house! My cousin's 5-year-old wisely noted that I'm not going to have to go shopping for a while. I'm going to be spending most of this week finding a place for everything and writing thank-you notes!

I will be 36 weeks tomorrow ('s getting close and I'm getting anxious!) so we will go back to the doctor this Friday, the 23rd. From that point on, we will see the doctor every week and this week she will begin checking for signs that Katelyn's birthday is getting closer. Hopefully, she'll be able to give us an idea of how big she is and if we can expect her to arrive close to the due date or if she's going to make her grand entrance early!

Blog updates will be more frequent from here on stay tuned!

The cupcakes I made for GG's shower

GG opening presents

Me, mom, my aunts, and Granny at the ladies' shower on Saturday

Kate's presents from the ladies' shower...this is one spoiled little girl!

Aunt GG, me, and Aunt Cookie at the girls' shower


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  1. so sorry i missed the shower on sunday...i'm sure you ladies had a blast. i can hardly wait to meet miss kate! btw, you look GREAT!