Monday, January 4, 2010

The Galles are expanding....

Hello friends and family! I'm going to try my hand at this blog thing so we can keep everyone up-to-date with what's going on....
So, to start....we found out at 6AM on December 11th that, after 4 months of wedded bliss, we're going to be parents! We're very excited, as is the rest of our family (with the possible exception of our 2 lively dachshunds, Cooper and Daphne!) The grandparents have already taken names: Luly and Grandaddy for the Dixons....G-Ma and G-Pa for the Galles! And Aunt Gigi and Aunt Cookie have given Baby Galle its first clothes....see picture above!

The first 7 weeks went pretty well....just tired. Week 8 has dawned with a little bit of nausea but nothing I can't handle. I've decided that if I can handle 85 13 and 14 year olds on a daily basis, I can handle most anything (I hope)! My first doctor's appointment is stay tuned!


  1. Love the orange onesie, perfect for tomorrow night's game!

  2. Yes it is Hook'Em Horns! Aunt GG bought that one!